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The Lawrenceville Academy is an educational institution specializing in international school curricula, operating IB, MYP, IGCSE, AP programs, and admissions/management consulting for students aiming to enter prestigious universities abroad.

Over the past 12 years, students who have studied diligently with Lawrenceville have achieved their dreams of entering TOP universities abroad, such as Stanford, Harvard, UPENN, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, LSE, Imperial College, Caltech, Duke, Princeton, Cornell, U Chicago, Johns Hopkins, NYU, USC, Northwestern, Brown, Williams College, UC Berkeley, LA, San Diego, Dartmouth, and more.

By the way, college admission does not guarantee absolute success in our lives. However, the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving something through tremendous effort can be seen as the first significant lesson in students' journey toward adulthood.

If there's a unique point about our academy, it's that we refrain from rote education only for the short-term score improvement and instead provide differentiated programs that enhance grades by empathizing with each student through steady "motivation," allowing students to discover the fun and principles of studying for themselves.


In addition, we also incorporate character education emphasizing "humility and a humble mind" into our lessons, striving to foster students' proper growth in character.

Lastly, we are not an academy that anyone can register for. Students must take a diagnostic test before entering our academy, and enrollment is only possible when we judge that our educational purpose, philosophy, and direction align with those of the student and parents through an interview.

We promise that all our Lawrenceville teachers will do their best as the best assistants, so all our students can have positive thoughts about learning and ultimately achieve their respective dreams.


We will always strive with a humble mindset for the development and goal achievement of each student.

- Lawrenceville International Academy

Head Director 

Ted Jang -

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