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Lawrenceville has been engaging in discussions and addressing concerns with international school students regarding college admissions for the past 12 years. We have always maintained open communication with our students, even sharing minor concerns through messengers. As a result, we have seen our students gradually change. Even those who initially did not have high ambitions have started to contemplate and think about their paths independently. By the time they reach the 11th grade, they start setting their own goals, managing their own schedules, and solving given tasks one by one. Seeing this brings us immense satisfaction. We feel an indescribable sense of achievement and pride when we see each of our students getting accepted into the colleges of their choice.

2023 College Acceptances

Williams College

(Liberal Arts College Ranking 1위)

University of Pennsylvania (6년 연속)

Brown University

Columbia University

University of Chicago

Northwestern University

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

University of Southern California

University of Toronto

University of Northeastern

University of Minnesota

Duke University

New York University

University of California-Sandiego

University of California-Irvine

Emory University

University of California-Berkeley

Georgetown University

Imperial College

UCL Medical School

2022 College Acceptances

University of Pennsylvania

Cornell University

University of Chicago

New York University

Duke University

Columbia University

UC Irvine

UC Santacruz

UC Sandiego

UC Berkley

University of Southern California

Imperial College London

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

University of Michigan

University of Toronto

University of Washington

Rochester Institute of Technology

 University of College London

Emory University

Brandies University

2021 College Acceptances

UPenn, Wharton School 1명

University of Pennsylvania 1명

Columbia University 3명

Cornell University 2명

Duke University 1명

Johns Hopkins University 8명

NYU, Stern School 1명

New York University 2명

University of Chicago 2명

Northwestern University 1명

Dartmouth University 1명

University of California, Berkeley 3명

University of Toronto 1명

University of Washington 1명

University of illinois, Urbana-Champaign 4명

University of Southern California 3명

Emory University 2명

London School of Economics (LSE) 2명

Imperial College London 2명

University Collge London(UCL) 2명

King's College 3명

University of Warick 1명

University of Bath 1명

University of Austraila 1명


Harvard 합격 1명
Upenn 합격 1명
​Columbia 합격 1명
시카고대(U of Chicago) 합격 2명
​LSE 최종합격 2명
​Imperial College 최종합겹 1명​
Northwestern 합격 1명
UCLA 합격 3명​
​UC Berkeley 합격 1명
KAIST 합격 1명
홍콩대 합격 3명
King's College 최종합격 3명
UCL 최종합격 4명
George Washington 합격 1명
UIUC 합격 3명
ANU 합격 1명



칼텍(Caltech) 합격 1명
스탠퍼드(Stanford) 합격 1명
​코넬(Cornell) 합격 1명
시카고대(U of Chicago) 합격 3명
​프린스턴(Princeton) 합격 1명
​에모리(Emory) 합격 2명
​서던캘리포니아(USC) 1명
유펜(UPENN) 합격 1명
​서울대 합격 1명
​홍콩대 IBGM offer 1명
LSE 런던정경대 offer 2명
King's College offer 3명
UCL offer 2명


UPENN Wharton School 1명
Cornell University 1명
University of Cambridge 2명 
Columbia University 1명
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1명
Yonsei University 1명
Seoul National University 1명
Imperial College 2명 
UCL 3명 
Kings College London 2명

청심국제중 2명

영훈국제중 3명

대원외고 2명

한성과고 1명

명덕외고 1명

하나고 2명

이화외고 3명

한국과학영재학교 2명

용인외대부고 2명

연세대학교 4명

서강대학교 3명

고려대학교 2명

서울대학교 2명

LSE (런던정경대학) 1명

University of Pennsylvania(유펜) 3명

Imperial College London 1명  

University of Sydney 1명

University College London 3명 

Stanford University 1명

New York University 1명

King's college 2 명 

Johns Hopkins University 1명

HKU (홍콩대) 

HKUST (홍콩과기대) 

Brandeis University with scholarship

University of Toronto 1명

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